Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Insurance Works? Know Concepts of Insurance Mechanism?

Here is the detailed information on How Insurance Works? Know Concepts of Insurance Mechanism?

Nowadays many people are planning to insure their life or insure to vehicles or assurance to assets. Here find how insurance works and working mechanism.

If a luxury passenger vehicle cost of 5 Crore, with passengers crashes, the owner of the luxury passenger vehicle may loss these 5 Crores of Rupees. No individual would not able to withstand this loss permanently after crash.

If many individuals have these luxury passenger vehicles running for hire, all these people come together into an assurance cluster. 

If all these people paying insurance premium for their luxury passenger vehicles, whenever any one of the luxury passenger vehicle smashes (within this assurance cluster or group), the loss of luxury passenger vehicle cost of 5 Crores will be shared by each owner of the luxury passenger vehicles within the insurance group.

Here are the insurance mechanism concepts details on how assurance worked or paid

Ex: If 10,000 people are paying premium worth of 5 lakhs rupees for their luxury vehicle, the total premium amount collection for the group is 10,000 * 5 lakh = 5,00,00,00,000 (500 Crores). 

But for owner of crashed luxury vehicle get paid around 3-5 crores of rupees (assurance payment depends upon many factors explained by insurance company).

All other vehicle owners are paying this insured payment to crashed owners. Here insurance firm plays main role by collecting the share amount as premium money in advance and make a fund. From this collected fund, the losses are paid.

People who are exposed to the same risks come together and accept that, if any one of them agonizes a loss, the others will share the loss and make good to the individual who lost assets or goods.

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