Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Insurance Give to Coverage to Insured Property from Accidental Damages, Natural Catastrophes : Latest Indian Insurance Sector News

Here is latest Indian insurance sector news on Home Insurance Give to Coverage to insured Property from Accidental Damages, Natural Catastrophes.

In India, in the recent years, insuring the home properties and assets is becoming popular.

Home insurance covers loss or damage to insured assets or property from natural disasters and accidental damages.

Home insurance package generally covers all these following features.

The covered are…

1)      Loss or Damage to buildings, fittings, fixtures from fire, natural disasters like earth quake and floods.
Here there will be an option on loss or damage due to terrorism is available under coverage.

2)      The insurance package covers loss or damage to home valuable goods, appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing machine, air conditioner, Laptop etc…

Fragile items damage due to fire and natural disasters also due to burglary.

3)      The insurance also has an option of personal accident coverage. This personal accident coverage compromise of payment or compensation for insured person total or partial physical disability permanently.

4)      The theft of home pets accidental death also covered in this home insurance package.

5)      This home insurance package coverage loss or damage to personal baggage due to accident or theft while travelling within India country.

Important points to watch out while taking this home insurance package coverage:

1)      All these home insurance package policies are subject to deductibles.

2)      Make sure that your property and contents are insured for suitable amount that covers them completely.

3)      Read policy terms and conditions while signing to these home insurance package coverage.

4)      Clarify all your doubts with home insurance companies representatives, online customers support centers etc…

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