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Gold Jewelleries BIS Hallmarking Examination Centers in A P to Find the Gold Quality : Latest India News India

Gold Jewelleries BIS Hallmarking Examination Centers in A P to Find the Gold Quality

HallMarking process determines the the quality of purchased gold jewelleries. Every gold jewelleries should be with hallmarking. But many of Indian gold consumers among us, purchasing gold jewelleries without hallmarking symbol. 

In Andhra Pradesh state, only around 800 shops got Hallmarking gold jewelleries selling permission from BIS. But totally around more than 30,000 jewellery shops are in AP state. Remaining 29,200 shops that have no permission to sale Hallmark gold jewelleries. 

Understand the current Indian Gold Market consumer’s situation. They have enough money to purchase desired latest model of gold made jewelleries in gold shops that sales hallmarked quality gold jewelleries. But there no enough shops that have permission of Beauro of Indian Standards for Gold sale. 

The gold jewelleries though the jewelleries costs in lakhs and some thousands for hallmarking, it takes only 18 Rupees in India. 

If shop gold jewelleries or manufactured jewelleries that have no proper quality against mentioned on jewellery while purchasing, if low quality found during hallmarking lab test center, and Iridium, Ruthenium, Cadmium etc.. Metals if found in the tested gold jewelleries, the gold selling shops or manufactured firm lose BIS license. 

This is the reason many gold shop owners are not coming to hallmark the each jewelry even fee cost at 18 Rupees.  

For Juwellery shop license permissioned fee at 20,000 Rupees in big towns and cities and 10,000 rupees fee for small towns. Here is the list of Hallmarking lab test centers in AP state.

At now Hallmarking test centers in A P state are located at these following areas:

Hyderabad-5 certers







Additionally 1 in Tenali, and another 1 hall marking lab center in Nellore are going to start shortly

Accordind to Gold Jewellry shops owners, in these Hallmarking lab test centers, for any gold jewelry like rings, nicklaces, bracelates, other ornaments, costume jewelleries, though hallmarking of jewelry costs 18 Rupees (additional to service).

In India, ornamental jewelleries made up of 22 carrots gold. But all ornamental jewelry are not needed 22 carrots gold to manufacture the gold jewelleries. Examples Diamond jewelry are manufactured at less than 22 carrots. 

It means all hallmarked jewelry are not with 22 carrots gold (in other words 916 pure quality gold).
We can complaint against gold quality frauds in BIS centers complaint sections. 

Complaint against gold sale cheaters, frauds in Nampally BIS center in Hyderabad, in Visakhapatnam BIS center. 

Visakhapatnam BIS center coves east godhavary, west godhavary and up to Khammam district of AP state. Many towns in Mandals and Revinue divisions also in district headquarters the gold shops are have no permission of BIS to sale hallmarked Ornamental jewelry.

Find following Hallmarking Symbol on purchased gold jewelleries:

Finding the gold percentage in the manufactured ornamental jewelry is main purpose of hallmarking. On the each hallmarked jewelry there is the emblem of BIS Hallmark and gold quality given below details as symbols.

23 carrots should be with 958

22 carrots with 916 quality

21 carrots with 875 quality

18 carrots with 750 quality

14 carrots with 585 quality

9 carrots with 375 quality.

The hallmarking center logo also printed on gold jewellery.

Year of hallmarking also get printed on each gold jewelry

The hallmarking process is started in 2000 year. 

For 200 year English letter A was allotted. For this 2012 year the English letter P is allotted.

The shop logo also needs to print on gold jewelry.

For more information on hallmarking details on gold quality testing, and for booking the complaints against gold shops, gold frauds please call to 040 – 24731091 (This is the contact phone number of BIS office in Hyderabad).


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