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FTP Fixed Term Plans, FMP Fixed Maturity Plans in India: Savings and Investment Plans India

Here is a latest Money Savings Plans with investing into FTP Fixed Term Plans or  FMP Fixed Maturity Plans (Both are same).

FTP Fixed Term Plans, FMP Fixed Maturity Plans in India
FTP or FMP are the best for profitable returns gaining, security for investment and tax deductible benefits. While investing in Indian shares stock market trading, choose these features like earning profitable returns, security for investment and tax benefits.

Generally some people will not bear shares stock market loses, they prefer Indian traditional savings plans and bank fixed deposit plans. Because they afraid to lose of money in shares, stock market and doubts on Indian shares stock market trading and investment also tax payment for their income as well as for earning returns through Indian shares stock market trading.

For receiving the profits or returns from Indian shares stock market trading, and to have security for your investments in Indian shares stock market also for getting tax deduction benefits, there are best money savings plans available in Indian shares stock market. They are FTP abbreviates Fixed Term Plans or FMP abbreviates Fixed Maturity Plans.

Indian shares stock market up and downs impact is very less on this Fixed Maturity Plans or Fixed Term Plans offered by mutual funds.  The term period of these FTP or FMP money saving plans is 1 to 36 months. 

Due to this less term perm period (from 1-36 months only), the FMP simply for fixed maturity plans are well known as FTP abbreviates for Fixed Term Plans. 

How you can earn profitable returns from FTP or FMP money saving plans?

you will earn profits through your investment money. Here actually the invested amount in forms of cp commercial papers, corporate debentures, certificate of deposits, bands, public securities, bank’s fixed deposits will be collected.

Generally these haves good ratings, so there will be a great secure to all ours investment and savings.
For example assume you are investing 50,000 Rs in Fixed Maturity Plans.

The fund organizer is re-invest your 50,000 Rs money in bank’s fixed deposits. Then your fund organiser gains more interest rates than that he offered to you. i.e  8.50% annual interest given to you. In cash returns you will gain 4,250 Rs. 

Here your fund organizer under fund management charges, deduct 0.25% in your earnings. After deduction of 0.25%, as fund management charges, you wii gain 4,125 Rs as final amount.
Here you can choose dividend option. 

If you choose this dividend option, the fund firm pays dividend distribution tax and remained amount paid to you. So, there is no need of tax payment on gained dividends. 

Fixed Maturity Plans simply FMP are closed ended plans. Here are for limited time period. These FMP abbreviates Fixed Maturity Plans are have lock in period, you can’t disturb your money. 

For short term secure investment these Fixed Maturity Plans or Fixed Term Plans are better alternates than traditional savings schemes or savings plans. 

What are the best available FMP or FTP in India?

Here is the list of best Fixed Term Plans or Fixed Maturity Plans available in India.

Plan name                                                        Lock in period

Axis fixed term plans                                        374 days

Axis term plan                                                   3 months

Birla Sun Life fixed term plan                                  "

BNP Paribas fixed term plan                             369-380 days

DSP Black rock mutual FMP series                        ,,

ICICI fixed term plan                                              ,,

IDFC fixed term plan                                              ,,

IDBI fixed term plan                                               ,,

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