Saturday, June 23, 2012

Body Check up at Regularly Saves our Health from future Health Risks - Food Nutrition Health News

India is an emergent market in Banking, financial, business, forex trading, shares stock market investment, hotel, tourism, travel, hospitality, corporate medical hospital treatment, Insurance loans, Sensex investment for profits returns, real estate, automobile, textile, fisheries aquaculture harvesting, processing food and beverage, industrial sectors

With availability of branded and non branded consumer goods and cosmetic products, wellness products, the usage awareness on these products and goods increased in the recent years.

In coming future days people may ask like… What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)? 

Have you measured your BMI to find your health & fitness?

Find BMI to determine future health risks like weight gain, sugar, heart problems…etc…

Health is wealth. Check up your health at regular interval. Maintain your body weight according to yours height. From recent decade, with the increase in awareness on cosmetic products, wellness products, people are using them as a part of normal life.

Many MNC and domestic corporate multi group companies are competitioning each other to occupy maximum company market share in the developing wide Indian market place. MNC s like Herblife, HUL network, Forever living, Amway…are bulky investing in wellness, Food and Nutrition segments / sectors of Indian markets.

Wellness products are leading with first place in directly selling products in Indian market place. In second place is followed by cosmetics products. In the Indian towns, metropolitan cities areas, school aged are with over body weight, young and middle aged  are consuming these wellness products as well as cosmetic products or goods, the elder and old aged are suffering with uncontrollable bogy weight, diabetes, hypertension, lungs infections…etc……

Indian metropolitan cities, towns are biggest market areas for Wellness products and Cosmetic products. So many MNC and domestic corporate multi group companies are advertising and marketing their customer health monitoring products at doorsteps.

Here are the some of products, examples for Doorstep marketing.

BP monitoring machine

Diabetes check machine

BMI indicator or BMI calculator…etc……

The change in food habits, occupational and personal stress, loss of fitness, junk food, life style etc are main causes or reasons for increase in consuming wellness and cosmetic products.

So be careful for your health. Do body checkup regularly to monitor your health from future health problems.

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