Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Best Alternatives to Fixed Deposits to Earn Money From Savings with Secured Investment Plans Schemes : Savings and Investment Plans India

Here is a best investment plans alternative to earn money with income money saving plans in India.

Best Alternatives to Fixed Deposits to Earn Money From Savings Plans with Secured Investment Plans Schemes

Recently in India, there is a go-down on interest rates on fixed deposits from 0.25% to 0.65%. Reserve Bank of India also reduced Repo rates. 

Due to this decrease in Repo rates, interest rates on loans as well on fixed deposits also got decreased.

This reduction on interest rates may effects the further investments to earn money from secured investment policies and schemes also savings plans. 

Here I am giving some best investment policies that have good returns on invested amount for future savings. 

These investment policies are having high profits and returns on investing money, besides high returns, they have security for invested money.

In this current situation, though there is a reduction on interest rates on FD (Fixed Deposits), it is better to continue the investing in FD. 

Because if your bank paying high interest rates on your fixed deposits, let save some more money in highly paying banks.

Besides to gaining more interest rates compared to other banks rates, there is a security for saving amount. In both ways we will get benefited on saving money invested in fixed deposits.

Another tip to earn more money on investment is choosing long term based policies and schemes instead of short term. 

These long term plans provides security on our investments to earn extra money from savings.

Best alternates to Fixed Deposits to earn money from money savings plans for investment:


PPF stands for Public Provident Fund.

PPF plans are eligible for tax deductions.

We can save or invest up to1 Lakh in PPF plan per annum

Minimum amount for PPF is 500 Rupees.

PPF plans or schemes are best for long term investment methods to earn money on savings.


FMP stands for fixed maturity plans also well known for fixed term plans

Mutual funds are offering these FMP.

If you want to invest less than 5 years, these FMP or FTPs are best policies to secure your invested amount and to gain more money from saved invested amount.

FMP or FTPs are offering 9 to 10% annual incomes. These FTPs or FMPs are gives somewhat better more than fixed deposits

There is a possibility of some loss fear because these fixed maturity plans or fixed term plans offered by mutual funds.


Monthly Income Plans are recently recognized by Indian citizens and getting well popularity to earn more money from your saving investment amount.

These MIP are hybrid funds and best suitable for traditional investors

Invest your money in Monthly Income Plans offering now both public and private banks with better interest rates.

You can get interest amount as monthly pension from Monthly Income Plans or Monthly Income Schemes.
Ask your bank today about Monthly Income plans or Monthly Income schemes and offering interest rates.


National Savings Certificates recently regained their position after decrease in interest rates on fixed deposits.

These NSC are currently attractive for saving investment to earn extra more money from savings

There is an interest rate 8.60% on 5 years National Savings Certificates. And interest rate 8.90% is available for 10 years NSCs.

National Savings Certificates saving plans are Tax Deductible Plans

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