Saturday, June 16, 2012

Apply to Avail Gold Loans of Private, Public Banks and NBFCs in India - Gold News India

Many public banks and private banks in India are offering gold loans. We can avail gold loans for our life needs. 

Many of non banking financial organizations in India are also offering these loans at low interest rates.

We can apply these loans for our needs like




Domestic Expenses

And for our other needs

Advantages of Gold loans:

The loans are avail at lowest attractive interest rates that are affordable and suite to individual needs

Generally they needs minimum documentation

Many banking and non-banking firm not collecting documentation / processing fees or charges
Fastest loan disbursal

Loan up to 90% to 95% value of gold

Repayment programme as per our convenience

Some financial and non banking firms in India are offering free accident insurance up to more than 1 lakh for 1 year (this is subject to firm conditions)

Required Documents for Gold Loans:

Generally less documentation is required for gold loaning from banking and non banking financial companies in India

The required documents are,

Identity proof

Address proof

Signature proof

One or two passport size photograph

Good credit record or credit score

So, in this current global inflation situation, recession in India 2012, crisis in European countries 2012, it is better to depends up on gold savings for better future of our life and to pursuing life needs in this current Indian crisis 2012.

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