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Advantages of Insurance and Find Benefits from Insured Policies - Insurance News

Insurance has no Alternate.

Insurance has no completion unlike all other business consumer goods. After payment of premium for selected insurance policy, that amount is like a fixed deposit of a bank or other savings investment plan unlike a mutual funds, PPF, national saving certificates, or FTP or FMP. In these plans or policies we may get security for our invested amount and an interest against investment. At the same time we have to face investment market fluctuation, risk of money.

Why insurance is better than savings plans policies?

Whereas in case of Insurance, the paid premium amount is a complete total amount that agreed to pay for planned insurance policy which is accumulated at the end of 12 to 20 years as agreement made with insurance company for chosen policy. 

The total amount will be collected by the assurance firm at the end of these years, until then the insurance company offering security for assured assets or life insurance for these 12 to 20 years or whole life years.

Insurance has no substitute.

In addition to life insurance for a life period, there will be a security against our investment unlike savings plans policies. What we can understand is, there is alternate to providing life benefits like life insurance and security for investments.

Insurance not a cash and carry offer

Life insurance is not a taken loan to pay back. It is not a cash and carry plans, offers of a shopping mall located nearest to our locality. At the time of agreement with insured firm,

We accept or decide to pay the agreed insured amount payment as installments for the planned years. This is a beneficial factor to lower class families, middle class and above middle class families those may suffer sometimes investing to take insurance policy. 

During the life insurance period, in case of any risks, insurance take care about us based on paid premium. Generally covered risks are, early death, partial physical disabilities, sickness, even unemployment due to loss of jobs and other more life benefits according to our planned insurance policies plans.

So, choose insurance policy & insured premium carefully

There is a tax benefit, both in our income tax and in capital market gains (based on chosen assured plans)
We can get loans based on our premium amount, chosen years for policies. (Loaning is not offered to all policies Ask your insurance agent or company for more information on loaning)

With insurance policy not only individual but dependents, family members also get benefited.

The terms of our life is hard But the terms of insurance are easy.

Premium holders can get protected by Courts if any insurance fraud by agent or by assured company.  

Insurance has no alternate in terms of security for our policy premium investment, marketability, protection against assets loss or damage.

Insurance helps us in being happy, security, and protection against sudden health risks also in enhancing safeguard from unpredictable risks…
We will do many good things in our life period. Such as donating blood in emergency cases, anemia patients to save the lives, we will donate body organs to required persons, we will plan eye cornea donation after our death. We will help the medical students to learn medical knowledge from practical dissection with our dead body.

We will save persons who are in needy against our life risk.

Think how to insure our life to get individual benefits with our insured policy and to protect our family members, dependents who are whishing safe journey on the roads, unpredictable risks in pursue of life.

Ask your insurance agent or firms before choosing a policy and premium regarding benefits of insuring policy (medical benefits, life benefits, financial benefits, security against insured assets etc…

So, Get insurance today besides to savings investments to secure yourself and for your family protection.

Get Advantages from Insured Policy.

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