Saturday, June 16, 2012

Abbreviations for Popular Banking Sector Words (Banking Terminology) - Banking News India


Here is a latest blogging article series in Banking News on a list of popular abbreviations used in Banking sector Terminology.

ABBG    Any Branch Banking

ADRs    American Depository Receipts

BIRD    Bankers Institute of Rural Development

BPLR    BenchMark Prime Lending Rate

CAR    Capital Adequecy Ratio

CBS    Core Banking Solutions

CRR    Cash Reserve Ratio

EFT    Electrinic Money Transfer

FDI    Foreign Direct Investment

FEMA    Foreign Exchange Management Act

FERA    Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

GDRs    Global Depository Receipts

GNP    Gross National Productivity

ICOR    Incrimental Capital Output Ratio

KCC    Kisan Credit Card

KGC    Kisan Gold Card

KYC    Know Your Customer

LIBOR    London Inter bank Offer Rate

MFs    Mutual Funds

MIBID    Mumbai Inter bank Bid Rate

MIBOR    Mumbai Inter bank Offer Rate

NABARD    National Bank for Agriculture And Rural Development

NABCONs    NABARD Consultancy

NAV    Net Asset Value

NBFCs    Non Banking Finance Companies

NEFT    National Electronic Money Transfer

NII    Net Interest Income

PBs    Private Banks

PNs    Promissory Notes / Participatory Notes

PSBs    Public Sector Banks

REER    Real Effective Exchange Rate

RRBs    Regional Rural Banks

RTGS    Real Time Gross Settlement

SBBJ    State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur

SCBs    Schedule Commercial Banks

SENSEX    Sensitive Index of Stock Exchange

SHGs    Self Help Groups

SLR    Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SNCBs    Schedule Non-Commercial Banks


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