Saturday, June 2, 2012

4G LTE Services Technology Trends and Reasons for 3G Services failure in India : Latest Telecom Industry News

Here is a latest Indian Telecom Industry News on 4G LTE Services Technology Trends and Reasons for 3G Services failure

4G LTE Services why we need it in India

There are many internet based activities. These net based activities requires high speed net to watch high definition movies online, online live streaming videos, using IP telephony, playing internet based games and accessing video conferencing, to download video audio image, file formats at high speed.

What is the 4G Services Technology?

4G LTE Services are mobile based Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) services using Long Term Evolution simply LTE technology. The LTE technology is different from existing GSM and CDMA platforms.

Theoretically the LTE technology results in 100 mbps to 1 GBPS. 

During tests in the labs, the Long Term Evolution technology is given 70 mbps internet speed. It is expecting in coming days, The LTE may give more than 70 mbps net speed.It may become future broadband revolution.

Reasons for 3G Services failure in India

There are many reasons for 3g Services failure in Indian market.

The main reasons are:

Indian Mobile operators invested huge amount to get the bandwidth

Mobile operators who got bandwidth are not built the required infrastructure

Awareness on 3G services promotional level or advertisement is not at competing in India

Still thousands of villages in India, have no mobile signal towers

Many Indian people are still using Domestic made mobiles, China mobiles (manufactured in China but mobile phone model resembles Branded companies cellphones). The domestic made mobile phones has net access through GSM phone sim cards. But whereas China made cellphones has no internet access through GSM phone sim cards.

Most of the people who are nominal educated are known about 3G services for Video calling, speed & better internet access speed, fast downloading. Etc…

Also for 3G services, low cost mobiles and mobile without camera are not useful.

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