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Banking Terminology - Abbreviations for Popular Banking Sector Words - Banking News

Here is a latest banking articles on popular bank sector terms and phrases

Here is best Abbreviations for Popular Banking Sector Words

ABBG Any Branch Banking


American Depository Receipts


Bankers Institute of Rural Development


BenchMark Prime Lending Rate


Capital Adequecy Ratio


Core Banking Solutions


Cash Reserve Ratio


Electrinic Money Transfer


Foreign Direct Investment


Foreign Exchange Management Act


Foreign Exchange Regulation Act


Global Depository Receipts


Gross National Productivity


Incrimental Capital Output Ratio


Kisan Credit Card


Kisan Gold Card


Know Your Customer


London Inter bank Offer Rate


Mutual Funds


Mumbai Inter bank Bid Rate


Mumbai Inter bank Offer Rate


National Bank for Agriculture And Rural Development


NABARD Consultancy


Net Asset Value


Non Banking Finance Companies


National Electronic Money Transfer


Net Interest Income


Private Banks


Promissory Notes / Participatory Notes


Public Sector Banks


Real Effective Exchange Rate


Regional Rural Banks


Real Time Gross Settlement


State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur


Schedule Commercial Banks


Sensitive Index of Stock Exchange


Self Help Groups


Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Schedule Non-Commercial Banks

Global Rating Firm Fitch Reduced Banks and Financial Institutions Rating in India - Latest Banking news

Here is latest Financial Business Banking News on Global Rating Firm Fitch Reduction of Banks and Financial Institutions Rating in India.

Popular global rating organization Fitch has downgraded many banks rating in India.

List Banks and Financial Institutes in India

Axis Bank

Bank of Baroda

Canara Bank

Export-Import Bank of India

Housing and Urbon Development Corporation



Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd

Punjab National Bank

State Bank of India
From recent days, Indian domestic currency Rupee value is declining to a current record level 57 rupees. Also Indian Current Account Deficit also increased greatly.

There are many reasons to Rupee declining and Indian shares stock market. These reasons are causes Fitch rating revision for Indian lenders Banks and financial institutions.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Body Check up at Regularly Saves our Health from future Health Risks - Food Nutrition Health News

India is an emergent market in Banking, financial, business, forex trading, shares stock market investment, hotel, tourism, travel, hospitality, corporate medical hospital treatment, Insurance loans, Sensex investment for profits returns, real estate, automobile, textile, fisheries aquaculture harvesting, processing food and beverage, industrial sectors

With availability of branded and non branded consumer goods and cosmetic products, wellness products, the usage awareness on these products and goods increased in the recent years.

In coming future days people may ask like… What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)? 

Have you measured your BMI to find your health & fitness?

Find BMI to determine future health risks like weight gain, sugar, heart problems…etc…

Health is wealth. Check up your health at regular interval. Maintain your body weight according to yours height. From recent decade, with the increase in awareness on cosmetic products, wellness products, people are using them as a part of normal life.

Many MNC and domestic corporate multi group companies are competitioning each other to occupy maximum company market share in the developing wide Indian market place. MNC s like Herblife, HUL network, Forever living, Amway…are bulky investing in wellness, Food and Nutrition segments / sectors of Indian markets.

Wellness products are leading with first place in directly selling products in Indian market place. In second place is followed by cosmetics products. In the Indian towns, metropolitan cities areas, school aged are with over body weight, young and middle aged  are consuming these wellness products as well as cosmetic products or goods, the elder and old aged are suffering with uncontrollable bogy weight, diabetes, hypertension, lungs infections…etc……

Indian metropolitan cities, towns are biggest market areas for Wellness products and Cosmetic products. So many MNC and domestic corporate multi group companies are advertising and marketing their customer health monitoring products at doorsteps.

Here are the some of products, examples for Doorstep marketing.

BP monitoring machine

Diabetes check machine

BMI indicator or BMI calculator…etc……

The change in food habits, occupational and personal stress, loss of fitness, junk food, life style etc are main causes or reasons for increase in consuming wellness and cosmetic products.

So be careful for your health. Do body checkup regularly to monitor your health from future health problems.

How Insurance Works? Know Concepts of Insurance Mechanism?

Here is the detailed information on How Insurance Works? Know Concepts of Insurance Mechanism?

Nowadays many people are planning to insure their life or insure to vehicles or assurance to assets. Here find how insurance works and working mechanism.

If a luxury passenger vehicle cost of 5 Crore, with passengers crashes, the owner of the luxury passenger vehicle may loss these 5 Crores of Rupees. No individual would not able to withstand this loss permanently after crash.

If many individuals have these luxury passenger vehicles running for hire, all these people come together into an assurance cluster. 

If all these people paying insurance premium for their luxury passenger vehicles, whenever any one of the luxury passenger vehicle smashes (within this assurance cluster or group), the loss of luxury passenger vehicle cost of 5 Crores will be shared by each owner of the luxury passenger vehicles within the insurance group.

Here are the insurance mechanism concepts details on how assurance worked or paid

Ex: If 10,000 people are paying premium worth of 5 lakhs rupees for their luxury vehicle, the total premium amount collection for the group is 10,000 * 5 lakh = 5,00,00,00,000 (500 Crores). 

But for owner of crashed luxury vehicle get paid around 3-5 crores of rupees (assurance payment depends upon many factors explained by insurance company).

All other vehicle owners are paying this insured payment to crashed owners. Here insurance firm plays main role by collecting the share amount as premium money in advance and make a fund. From this collected fund, the losses are paid.

People who are exposed to the same risks come together and accept that, if any one of them agonizes a loss, the others will share the loss and make good to the individual who lost assets or goods.

Insurance Sector Role in Indian Country Economic Development - Latest Insurance News

Here is detailed information on Insurance Sector Role in Indian Country Economic Development

Insurance companies collect the insured premium amounts money from policies agreed people across the country. In this way huge amount money will be collected to make a fund.

This insured amount is our saving money at them. The insurance firms mobilize these savings of all individuals as investment. These savings amount is routed into investments.

Investments money plays key role in country financial economic development.

These assurance funds are invested in safe avenues like Indian Shares Stock market, National bonds, savings policies, security bonds with highly rated etc…

Indian major insurance company L I C i.e. Life Insurance Corporation (Public Sector) total investments crossed 530,000 Crores.

In this 530,000 Crores of investment,

More than 300,000 crores channeled into Government security bonds,  

Around 16,500 Crores in the State Electricity boards,

Rs. 20,000 Crore in the electricity power generation sector (private),

Rs. 11,000 Crores in Water supply and Sewerage system,

Rs. Around 25,000 Crores in in housing loans,

In addition to these, Life Insurance Corporation invested a lot of amount in Crores in Industrrial estates segments and Rs. 35,000 Crores invested in Indian corporate sector (shares market, term loans, and debentures).

Do yo know all these investment in public and private sector areas directly and indirectly affect the Indian citizen’s lives and country’s economic welfare.

In India, there are too many insurance organization are have their network across the country and collected a large amount of money in the form of primia payments. 

All these collected huge insurance funds, channeled as investment in govt security bonds, and in some other places also in developed countries shares stock markets wher they do bisiness with this huge amount.

All these large amount investments in various sectors are directly and indirectly contributing to Indian country’s economic and financial progress.

Advantages of Insurance and Find Benefits from Insured Policies - Insurance News

Insurance has no Alternate.

Insurance has no completion unlike all other business consumer goods. After payment of premium for selected insurance policy, that amount is like a fixed deposit of a bank or other savings investment plan unlike a mutual funds, PPF, national saving certificates, or FTP or FMP. In these plans or policies we may get security for our invested amount and an interest against investment. At the same time we have to face investment market fluctuation, risk of money.

Why insurance is better than savings plans policies?

Whereas in case of Insurance, the paid premium amount is a complete total amount that agreed to pay for planned insurance policy which is accumulated at the end of 12 to 20 years as agreement made with insurance company for chosen policy. 

The total amount will be collected by the assurance firm at the end of these years, until then the insurance company offering security for assured assets or life insurance for these 12 to 20 years or whole life years.

Insurance has no substitute.

In addition to life insurance for a life period, there will be a security against our investment unlike savings plans policies. What we can understand is, there is alternate to providing life benefits like life insurance and security for investments.

Insurance not a cash and carry offer

Life insurance is not a taken loan to pay back. It is not a cash and carry plans, offers of a shopping mall located nearest to our locality. At the time of agreement with insured firm,

We accept or decide to pay the agreed insured amount payment as installments for the planned years. This is a beneficial factor to lower class families, middle class and above middle class families those may suffer sometimes investing to take insurance policy. 

During the life insurance period, in case of any risks, insurance take care about us based on paid premium. Generally covered risks are, early death, partial physical disabilities, sickness, even unemployment due to loss of jobs and other more life benefits according to our planned insurance policies plans.

So, choose insurance policy & insured premium carefully

There is a tax benefit, both in our income tax and in capital market gains (based on chosen assured plans)
We can get loans based on our premium amount, chosen years for policies. (Loaning is not offered to all policies Ask your insurance agent or company for more information on loaning)

With insurance policy not only individual but dependents, family members also get benefited.

The terms of our life is hard But the terms of insurance are easy.

Premium holders can get protected by Courts if any insurance fraud by agent or by assured company.  

Insurance has no alternate in terms of security for our policy premium investment, marketability, protection against assets loss or damage.

Insurance helps us in being happy, security, and protection against sudden health risks also in enhancing safeguard from unpredictable risks…
We will do many good things in our life period. Such as donating blood in emergency cases, anemia patients to save the lives, we will donate body organs to required persons, we will plan eye cornea donation after our death. We will help the medical students to learn medical knowledge from practical dissection with our dead body.

We will save persons who are in needy against our life risk.

Think how to insure our life to get individual benefits with our insured policy and to protect our family members, dependents who are whishing safe journey on the roads, unpredictable risks in pursue of life.

Ask your insurance agent or firms before choosing a policy and premium regarding benefits of insuring policy (medical benefits, life benefits, financial benefits, security against insured assets etc…

So, Get insurance today besides to savings investments to secure yourself and for your family protection.

Get Advantages from Insured Policy.

Insurance Risks classification, Insurance Risks Types

Here is Insurance segment news on Insurance Risks classification, Insurance Risks Types.

What is the Insurance? First try to find answer to about Insurance need and purpose.

Insurance does not guard the assets but try to reduce the impact of risk on the assets owners. When any loss or damage occurs to insured assets, It only compensate for the damages or losses. But it does not coverage fully.

Generally we will face risk for our assets with fire, lightning, floods, breakdowns etc…these are naturally occurs like natural catastrophes are cause maximum possibilities of damage or loss of insured assets or goods.

The economic or financial consequences are only to be insured. Insurance may not be possible, in case of non economic or financial consequences like parents affection, love, parental care, family attachments, relationships, leadership qualities etc…

There are many kinds of risks classifications are available.

Fundamental Risks: These risks are affecting a large people. Ex: Vehicle accidents

Particular Risks: These risks are affecting individual person.

Dynamic Risks: These risks are affected by perils that are results in national consequence like floods, inflation, political upheavals, government breakdowns etc… These are mostly probable at less.

Static Risks: These risks are in result of perils. Simply natural calamities like fire, lightning, thefts etc… (Generally these risks have no national significance.)

Catastrophic Risks: These risks may lead to the bankruptcy of the assets owners. 

Book Online Home Cooking LPG Gas is Launched and Know Gas Booking Current Status thru Online Portal, List of Indian Oil and Gas Companies Websites

We can book our Home Cooking LPG Gas through newly launched Online web portalfrom now.

Here is latest Oil Gas Industry News on launch of new online website portal in India.

LPG gas online portal is launched in India. The gas portal is launched by Indian ministry of Petroleum, Natural gas.

Here is the online web portal address:

In India, the subsidized home cooking LPG gas is diverted to commercial purpose for vehicles, hotels etc…

To avoid the fraud in distribution of cooking gas and to improve transparency, this web portal is newly launched by Indian ministry of Petroleum, Natural gas.

In this online portal, we can check our current status of booked gas, previous gas bookings, even booked gas cylinders numbers, date of issued also. We can complaint against on gas distributers, dealer’s customer services.

Nearly around 14 Crores LPG gas customers information is available online in this web potal.

Here is a list of Indian Oil and Gas companies websites address

For Indane gas filling,, 

For Bharath gas filling,,

For HP gas filling,

The customers of the public sector oil companies are know all these detailed information from their websites.

So, measure your gas, book gas online and check gas online status from your LPG company web portal now.

Real estate Plots, Plats, Buildings and Apartments, Villas at Low Cost Prices for NRI People in India - Latest Real Estate News

Here is latest Indian real estate news on low cost prices for constructed & constructing buildings, flats, villas in India for NRI citizens at this Rupee declining current market situation.

At current Indian Rupee declining situation against American dollar, there is a good news for construction builders and NRI citizens.

Indian real estate segment experts are hoping the huge increase in purchasing of double bed rooms, single bed room apartments, individual flats even in the surroundings of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and developing cities.

The purchase of apartments, villas, individual residence houses are slowly increasing from last 3 months in India. Many of local Indians as well NRI citizens are also showing interest to buy constructed & constructing homes.

In the recent days many Non Residence Indians are purchased lands in the city surrounding areas where development and city area expansion is occurring.

In this Indian Rupee short fall situation, the purchase cost amount is lowered to 20-25%.

Ex:  Let think, a constructed flat sold at 2 Crore of Rupees,

At that time USA currency dollar value against Rupee is 45 INR. (1 Dollar =45 INR)

i.e. in American currency, the flat cost is 444,444 dollars.

But now the USA dollar’s value against Indian Rupee is at 57. (1 Dollar =57 INR)

i.e. in American currency, the flat cost is 350,877 dollars only.

i.e. Non Residence Indians can save 93,567 $ on investing for purchase

In Indian currency, NRI can save 53, 33, 319 Rupees (in words more than 53 Lakhs in the investment)

The current rupee fall situation supporting the NRI to purchase available flats, villas, resorts, home buildings at lower and cheaper, affordable rates in Indian cities and towns.

Around 25% of NRI’s investment will be saved even in this Rupee value decline situation.

V-Guard Introduced New Pedestal Fans in Andhra Pradesh, Shortly Induction Cook Tops of Kitchen Appliances

Here is latest news on V-Guard Introduction of New Pedestal Fans in Andhra Pradesh.

Envero series new pedestal fans are released in Andhra Pradesh by V-Guard Industries. 

These electrical fans may save 40 to 50 % of power save with latest Magneto Motive Drive (MMD) technology. 

This envero series fans with MMD technology are capable to work efficiently even in low voltage electricity power situations. 

V-Guard shortly introducing Induction cook tops (Induction Cookers) to enter into the Kitchen Appliances segment. In Kerala state, switch gears are going to launch shortly.

V-Guard had electricity power cable manufacture unit in Kashipur of Uttarakand state.

The V-Guard company is planning to double the unit manufacture capacity from the current capacity is 3.25 Lakhs power coils with investment of 25 Crores.  

Already V-Guard have market share with pumps, motors, digital ups, inverters, batteries, water heaters, voltage stabilizers…