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Become A Milliner With Money Saving Plans PPF Provident Fund in India: Online Indian Shares Market Money Earning & Savings Tips

PPF:  It is the Public Provident Fund


This is a best long-term investment plan
Tax free facility
You can get Loan on investment amount


Children’s Studies, marriage,

Retirement planners

Where how can you start PPF:

All State Bank of India and their any branches all over India

You can create and open an account in any nearest Head Post office or sub post office

Who is eligible to start PPF:  

All Indians except NRIs

Even guardians for children also can open an account of PPF.

How much and how to save money from income?

Here is a minimum deposit is 500 rs.

Maximum is 1 Lakh Rupees (IR) is within 12 monthly installments in a year or at a time.

There is no any condition on minimum savings money.

It depends upon you from 500 Rs to 1 Lakh Rupies.

How they calculate and pay interest for PPF:

While calculating interest for PPF, for the minimum amount in the account on 5 th to end of the month is taken for consideration to provide interest.

How to gain more interest on PPF deposit  money:

If you want get more interest on your PPF money saving amount, deposit yours desired amount within the 1 to 5th dates of every month. Current PPF interest rate is 8 to 8.5%.

Could I take my deposited PPF money at mid of saving plan?

Yes, surely you can take yours PPF deposit money at any time in yours emergency need.  Even you can collect after time period also. If depositor dies in any case, the PPF account can cancelled completely.

Is PPF is a Tax deductible?

Yes, PPF is under tax deductible. If you are thinking about long-term tax saving plans, the PPF is considerable for tax deduction. Tax deduction just not only for deposited money also for gained interest amount.

How get loan?

You can get loan with some simple conditions. Even 2 nd time also you can take loan.

What is the PPF saving Plan time period?

The minimal time period for PPF account is 15 years.  Even you can deposit money as you desired after your time period and can continue your PPF account and you can get interest on your deposited saving amount.

Remember about PPF accounts:

There is fear of loss

You can save small to desired amounts monthly or at single pay

Only one account allowed to opening. Multiple accounts on same person is not allowed.

Find here to how to become a milliner With Money Saving Plans in India

You can become a milliner easily with PPF saving plan. See below given chart. This chart guides us and gives a clear idea on How can we become a millioner
with PPF saving plan.

(Amount in Rs/-)                 Gain profits (comparison chart Year based)

Deposit per year          15 years               20 years               25 years          30 years

10,000                           284540                 489198                 798354            1265365

25,000                           711351                 1222996              1995886           3163413

50,000                           1422702               2445992              3991772           6326827

79,000                           2248723               3866135              6309396          10000182 (1Crore)

100000                          2845405               4891984              7983545          12653654 (1Crore)

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