Saturday, March 17, 2012

Latest Indian Bullion Market rates:Gold Investment Guide

Dragon country China have gold consumption and leading world wide for this year 2013 to 2014.

The gold prices not always depends upon people's Jewellery demand. Almost the yellow metal gold rates are depends upon international markets and local currency devaluation and revaluation.

Due to fluctuation of US dollar value, china wants to more gold

for international trading purpose instead of american dollar currency.

when Crude oil producer countries like Iran and UAE, other countries wants to trade instead of US dollar due to currency value fluctuations, the gold prices in India are surges up.

Indian believes their lucky on buying gold on Diwali or Dhanteras or on Akshayatrutiya day. In recent day, buy and selling yellow metal gold is become one of the safest investment and saving tool for Indian people.

Due to this reasons, there is a fluctuation in gold rates in India. 

Here are the update and Indian Live Bullion Market rates.

Market Name               Latest rates               previous rates   


Bar Silver (1Kg)                56445                           57225
Retail (1g)                         60.40                            61.30

24 ct Gold (10 gm)            27460                           27590
22 ct  Gold (1gm)              2568                             2580


Silver                                56540                            57490
Standard Gold                  27385                            27370


Silver                               56500                            57200
Standard Gold                 27690                            27890
Sovereign                        23350                            23400

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