Saturday, March 17, 2012

Best Investment tips for Beginners for Indian stock share market Investment during this crisis 2012: Online Indian Shares Market Investment Guide

Here in this post Online Indian Shares Market Investment Guide is sharing the Best Investment tips for Beginners for Indian stock share market Investment during this crisis period 2012.

Crisis cyclone is infront of us and not yet worned. So, get cautions about your investment plans for future

We faced and experienced the earlier financial crisis impact on our regular life, and on our employment, also our investment in stock market trading, share market investment.

But the coming crisis not like a simple rain, It may be a storm in our life. Retail prices are already hiked and they are in sky. Loan interests are hiked. So, in this current time you need to secure your investment and at same time you need profits and investment.

Here are the best online Investment beginner’s tips to invest in stock market or mutual funds or in fixed deposits to secure your investment and profitability on your investment.

Keep saving upto 25% in yours monthly income

Keep increase yours investment slowly based on stock market/ share market movement

Reduce yours expenses

Use generated money from yours invested deposits

Only use yours saved money in necessary situations

Depositing the money is important step for investment

There are two sources are available to invest your money. They are

1)    fixed assets

2)    Non fixed assets (Liquidation)

What are included under Fixed Assets?

Don’t purchase assets that have less property value

Be a distance to debts during this crisis.

Don’t purchase unnecessary with credit card

Take care and plan properly personal loans

Land+ Gold...etc… are examples for the fixed assets

Shares+mutuval funds+equities+ investments in other plans etc…arwe examples for the Liquidation assets

Always plan your investment on fixed assets like gold, land…

While planning to investment in shares, think about your money safety

Investing in the Liquidation assets and your money safety is categorized into 3 types

1)    Type 1:  

Ex: Land+ Gold+ PPF, Time Deposits, Recurring Deposits, National Savings Plans or papers Monthly income schemes or plans


These gives permanent income generated plans
No Loss mostly
These beneficial for both long-term as well as short term investments
Plan 40% of your investment in these plans…


Rarely loss (the loss also very less)
2) Type 2:

Ex: mutuval funds+equities+dividends…


These generates high profits
These improves your basic capital investment capacity
To generate profits, no need of long time


Loss may depend upon company plans and development decisions, market index, management activities, local govt rules...

3) Type 3:

Ex: Shares+


These generates high profits within a short span with your investment
Plan your investment in these category upto 20-25%
Prefer only this if you are willing to investment your additional money       besides to your lifestyle needs, family needs and emergency expenses


Loss may depend upon company development plans and management decisions, shares or stock market index, invested policies, local govt rules and regulations…etc……

Sometimes you need to bare loss portion of your investment

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