Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top Companies Shares and Stock Market Value (in crores) in 2012

Various main companies shares market value (in crores)

RIL- 244421  +7679
TCS- 226313  +2505
ONGC- 223768 +9796
CIL- 189554 -852
ITC- 158826 +6543
INFOSYS- 154739 -1283
NTPC- 130690 -2103
SBI- 104670 -2038
HDFC- 102293 -1294
Bharati- 125489 -2221

Every day there is a lot of online searches on top companies performance from morning hours to closing hours of the market. Even after market hours there also a lot of search for top stocks and best shares to invest.

Which are the most expesnive shares and stocks trading on BSE & NSE ?

is there any List the Most Expensive 10 Stocks of BSE & NSE for this year?

list of stocks that have touched their 52 week highs during the day.

Expensive on basis of what? Only price or other factors?

Segregation of NSE BSE stocks from  expensive to lowest price stocks.

Is there a list of companies that are only listed on BSE & NSE with well performed stocks. 

Use following search terms to identify and to collect the top performing shares and stocks.

Top Gainers
Top Losers
Only Buyers
Only Seller
Bulk Deals
52-week high
52-week low
Hourly Gainers
Hourly Losers
Fall from intraday high
share stock price

more information on top companies shares stocks value in market, get


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