Saturday, January 21, 2012

Share market investment Best online Tips for Beginners

How to take right decisions in the share market investment, Tips for Beginners

Generally everybody takes possible new decisions when entering into new years

As days goes on, we need to increase our savings to maximum levels

Here are some tips for beginners who are going to invest in the shares market.

Do Savings first in your income upto 25% of total income

Select right equity mutual funds and sip them.

As your income increases, increase your savings.

Also increase your total investment amount.

Plan to increase your income

Securitize your investment

Don’t go for Loans and reduce your expenses to minimum

reduce your expenses first…It is your initial step to get profits on yours investments

control the all major expenses

Take a right decision on loans, credit card, home loans, and vehicles loans

Limit your all unnecessary expenses

Plan to buy through best installments or offers

Don’t be in dilemma before going to investment in share market

Before investing it need to get a clear picture on gain the profits

In some unfavorable conditions you may loose your investment partially or completely
Plan to long term investments i.e minimum 3-5 years

Don’t invest all your money at one source or one company

Always preferable to invest on shares, mutual funds, fixed 
properties, gold, commodities, and insurance, also fixed deposits

Don’t invest in high premium shares

Learn from your investment mistakes

Don’t look on company name. It is suggested to focus your look on company future plans, possibilities of business expand, marketing strategies…etc……

Another important thing is confirm yourself “Are you an investor or Trader…?

Here is the basic difference between Investor and Trader.

By understanding the company policies, market strategy the person who invest in long term is simply investor

The person who invests in intraday market is simply Trader.

Confirm yourself “Are you an investor... or Trader…?

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