Saturday, January 21, 2012

SBH Increases NRI’s Deposit Interest Rates

Recently State Bank of Hyderabad increased NRI time period based deposits interest. State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) is raised its interest rate on time period based deposits for Non-resident Indians (NRIs). 

These time based deposits schemes between one to three and five years would attract nearly seven per cent against existing 3 % per cent to 6 and more %. SBH said in a press release statement.

Get below the update details on latest interest rates for Non Resident Indian

The raised NRI deposit rates are helps in greater flexibility to all state banks to attract NRI’s dollars in the form of savings at NRIs saving bank accounts.

The rates are as follows,

1-2 years 3.82% to 6.5%
2-3 years 3.51% to 6.5%
3-5 years 3.64% to 6.75%

These Deposit schemes interest prices are revised for NRIs will commence with effect of 22 December 2011.

Find here about the State bank's profile and history:

As a subsidiary of (SBI) State Bank of India, current (SBH) State Bank of Hyderabad was started with a name of Hyderabad State Bank in 1941 August 8 date before India independence fight.

Hyderabad State Bank has take-over of the assets and liabilities of the Hyderabad Mercantile Bank Ltd.

From after there, Hyderabad State Bank came to be known as State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), which was the subsidiary of Reserve Bank India during the period. From after 1st October 1959 year, SBH bank became a subsidiary of the State Bank of India (SBI). 

Many services are provided by State Bank of Hyderabad to enable best user experiences with following options.

The customers can access to the latest banking technologies like

·  ATM and debit card services
·  Internet Banking
·  Demat / Depository Services
·  Non Residence Indian(NRI) savings account and money transfer Services
·  Mobile banking
·  Electronic Fund Transfer System (Online money exchange)
·  Personal banking (Safe Lockers)
·  Life insurance and money savings investment plans

All kind of information on online get more at this website:

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