Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Andhrabank CMD is BA Prabhakar

Who is Andhrabank CMD now?

New Andhrabank CMD BA Prabhakar

Mr. BA Prabhakar taken responsibilities as Andhrabank chairman, Managing Director in Hyderabad.

Later he arranged a meeting with other senior officials. Before to Andhrabank, Prabhakar worked as executive director in Bank of India.

He will continue as Andhrabank chairman, Managing Director until august 31 of 2013.

Andhrabank increase interest rates on NRE Deposites

Recently Andhrabank increased interest rates on NRE Deposites.

Andhrabank announced that increase in the interest rates on NRE(Non Residents External) Deposites.

On 1 year deposits 9.40%

On 2 years deposits 9.25%

On 2-3 years deposits 9% annual interest

These increased interest rates with the effect of December 30 of 2011.

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