Saturday, January 21, 2012

IPO companies Collected Investment in 2011

 IPO is stands for "Initial Public Offering".

Around 120 initial public offers (IPOs) are issued in the Indian investment market during the year.

What is an Initial Public Offering?

It is selling the company stocks to public to get investment for fund raising.


IPO is acronym for Initial Public Offering is the sale of or equity of a company, in the form of company shares of public stock. These shares of common stocks are available through an investment banking company. These issued shares consequently placed for trading on a acknowledged stock market.

IPO companies Collected Investment in 2011 in India,

·        Power finance corporation - 4660 crores
·        Tata steel - 3477crores
·        L&T finance holdings - 1245crores
·        Muthoot finance - 901crores
·        Future ventures - 750crores
·        PTC India financial services - 439crores

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