Saturday, December 31, 2011

SEBI Banned Companies in 2011

In this 2011 year, SEBI banned some companies.

Sebi banned these following companies due to fault practice during IPO issue.

Here is the list of SEBI Banned Companies in 2011 Year.
  • PG electroplast,
  • Broocs Laboratories,
  • Tijaria Polypipes,
  • One life CapitalAdvisers,
  • Bharatiya Global Info media
Why SEBI bans companies?

SEBI responsible for protection of the investors and their interests in securities and Promotion of the development of the share stocks securities market through regular regulation and monitoring. If any company is violates SEBI's rules and regulations, then they will ban from listing and other activities.

Reasons to consider by SEBI banning the listed companies

Here is a list of reasons are considering to ban the its listed companies.

The main causes or reasons are to barred from trading in the stock market by SEBI are like follows. 
  1. Companies those have no own infrastructure themselves
  2. Companies those run on the names of others like their fourth class level staff
  3. Malpractice to improve share and stock prices
  4. Due to violations during IPO 
  5. Misusing IPO norms and proceeds
  6. Activities to aid the company promoters in order to rise the prices from on listing day.
  7. Diverting the IPO funds through various routes
  8. Stock manipulation activities
  9. Launch of any new policies without the SEBI regulator's consent
  10. Any kind of market manipulation activities
  11. Violation of guidelines and norms of SEBI
  12. Abnormal fund-raising activities
  13. Inadequate documentations
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) debars those firms not following the guidelines, norms and proceeds. This penalty might for a specified time period (partial) or permanent ban. What ever the time period, all buying and selling activities are get suspended. So, these companies and market promoters cannot buy, sell shares stocks or deal in the share stockholder securities markets in the future until mentioned time period.

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