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Crisis effect 2012 in USA and Europe Countries, Recession Impact in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

Awakened up recession 2012 – 2013 is again in most of the countries in Europe continent. Already Europe countries and USA are limiting the jobs recruitment in almost all sectors. Recently many Europe countries and USA were stopped the new recruitment process due to the recession.

Mainly Financial & Banking, Home Appliances, Consumer electronic goods, Pharma & Manufacture fields severely impacted and giving the pink slip to their employees to reduce expenses.

This time due to crisis of 2012, Major MNC companies are not recruiting all kinds of employees positions in all fields.Already in Europe, Greece and Italy countries are moving down and going to announce crisis 2012 shortly...Total numbers of planning of jobs-cuts are 1.35 lakhs at now, as days goes on more jobs get pink slips.

The companies that are under jobs-cut due to 2012 recession are:

Financial & Banking:


Home appliances and Electronics:


Pharma Manufacture:


Read here how the economic crisis and slowdown can impact everyone.

American Banks are in Europe countries at Potential Risks:

Unlike most of countries, USA is largest financial investor with huge billions of american dollars and is in potential risks in the european five nations like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain.And it is spreading widely among the other EU countries too.

The economic recession is impacting in several was like onspot termination of experienced employees in EU banks such as Bank of america, UBS and Deutsche Bank and more other banks reduced the corporate and individual loans and credit limit to all citizens of the country.

High Threat to U.S. exports MARKET:

Above 20% to 25% of all U.S. exports products are reaching majorit Europe nations. If this expoer business is get impacted the one of the US nation's largest trading market (EU) will also get effected and gradually billion dollars of US export business will decreased by lossing best export business.

U.S. companies investments in Europe at RISKS:

If this world financial situation slowdowns again, several invested sectors that re like banking, financial, educational, technology, industrial, aerospace, gas, defense and share stocks and commodities markets might receive worse conditions that can impacting lifestyle and life expenses.

Loss of alternate financial markets

Currently Europe is a one of the business and export trading partner to america country. There is no major market to invest by corporates and US individual investors if Europe financial conditioned worsen.

Even though China, India and Japan etc are attracting many foreign investors with their investment programs but they have to modify their complex financial regulation programs to simple investment norms for foreign nations to receive huge FIIs.

Corporate profits are shrinking:

Due to this crisis across the globe, all countries intentionally get impacted with local currency devaluation. This can show longterm impact on investment and citizens life expenses that leads to worse financial problems. Currency devaluation makes exporting and importing market most expensive. Individual cost and expenses hikes within a days. This may results in loss of current employment, no jobs situation for freshers and qualified employees.

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