Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Crisis effects on India

India is a developing country- This is an olden word.

Truly India is a developed country- This current India (Bharath) position in this globalized world. For few sectors in world wide India country is in top leading position. These top sectors offering best and huge amount of job opportunities in India country. 

In the recent days, all major countries economic position got impacted with financial slowdown. The banking and financial recession caused loss of large amount of elimination or termination from the existing jobs to save company budgets and investment money. 

During the 2007-2008 crisis occurred in USA, named as "Leman", many countries impacted severely in various sectors. While the crisis 2008 was impacted mainly IT and Financial sectors directly and indirectly in India.

But it is expecting to current Europe countries crisis may show impact in many sectors including Software & IT, Financial fields. 

Many of financial analysts cautioning that All most of  all sectors in the country are will get severe dangerous situation directly and indirectly.

Recovery of crisis 2012 is time dependent one and it not guaranteed that no single country get recovery to normal within certain days.

Financial Analysts are saying many reasons for crisis 2012 impacts in India.

  • FID's are not taken place at high level
  • Hiked Oil & Petroleum rates,
  • No investment money at government
  • Unstable political situations
  • Raise of corruption
  • Imbalance of Power supply Vs Consumption Vs Production
  • Uncontrollable Export Vs Import situation with proper govt rules & regulations
  • Change of current Forex value even to ever lowest level.
  • Increase in uncertainty situation for the share market investors
Whatever the reasons leading to crisis 2012, it is expecting to severe impact n all sectors directly and indirectly continues many years in India.

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